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Our Team

Meet the Visualization Team

Visualization’s strength lies in our dedicated team of people, all of whom have been employed for their unique skills and talents, working together in a harmonious and creative working environment.

Managing Director, Nick has developed Visualization substantially over the last decade, recruiting the right people and training an expert team from the foundation of a strong engineering heritage. Now, thanks to our growing reputation, recommendations and ongoing training the team has evolved and expanded its skill set considerably.

Image of Nick Pidgeon, Managing Director and Founder at Visualization

Nick Pidgeon

Managing Director and Founder

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Image of Gavin Avery, Operations Director at Visualization

Gavin Avery

Operations Director

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Image of Chris Brittan, Business Development Director at Visualization

Chris Brittan

Business Development Director

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Image of Daniel Adams, Technology Director at Visualization

Daniel Adams

Technology Director

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Image of Charlotte Oakman, Head of Group Marketing at Visualization

Charlotte Oakman

Head of Group Marketing

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Image of Matt Harding, Training Manager at Visualization

Matt Harding

Training Manager

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Image of Neale Redding, Support Manager at Visualization

Neale Redding

Support Manager

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Image of Hayley Cook, Finance & Procurement Manager at Visualization

Hayley Cook

Finance & Procurement Manager

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Image of Ellie Bastian, Head of Customer Care at Visualization

Ellie Bastian

Head of Customer Care

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Image of Ben Pitt, Lead Project Engineer at Visualization

Ben Pitt

Lead Project Engineer

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Image of Greg (Gergely) Andras, Internal Business Development Executive at Visualization

Greg (Gergely) Andras

Internal Business Development Executive

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Image of Anna Bateman, Customer Success Manager at Visualization

Anna Bateman

Customer Success Manager

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Our Team's Professional Accreditations

We train our staff in house - from trainee to senior level - and we're extremely proud of our ‘home grown’ employees, whose work is recognised by the world’s foremost certification bodies.

Our engineering the team go through in-house training and move on to achieving industry certifications that support their roles. 

We are committed to training and developing our team to save you having to!

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