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VIZBOX Enclosures Limited is a UK-based company specialising in the custom design and production of environmental enclosures for projectors, built to withstand a wide range of weather conditions and environmental settings.


Offering enclosure solutions which are tailored to accommodate any projector, regardless of its lens type or intended application. What's more, they also create standalone secure plinths designed to match various projector installation heights while providing secure storage for AV equipment. These plinths serve as an ideal outdoor cabinet solution.


VIZBOX has recently unveiled its latest groundbreaking innovation: outdoor projector cabins that can accommodate up to six projectors in a single unit. These cabins are equipped with integrated security features, designed to deter theft and unauthorized access to the projectors.


Visualization and VIZBOX share a commitment to excellence, rooted in a proud engineering heritage and a deep appreciation for meticulous design and construction in every product.


Partner with us, and experience the perfect synergy of quality and innovation in projection technology. Explore the extensive range of VIZBOX Enclosure products and elevate your visual experience.


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