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Why outsource with Visualization?

January 15, 2016

Companies outsource for different reasons with everyone having their own circumstances and ways of managing their projects. This highlights the need for diverse and flexible approaches.

Visualization have partnered with AV integrator Homeplay on several projects to create residential solutions from security to entertainment.

We took the opportunity to have a quick sit down with Homeplay’s director James Ratcliffe and understand what he sees as the benefits of outsourcing. 

Firstly, we asked James what influenced his decision to outsource? 
I was massively frustrated with the quality we could get from our own installers – because we’re involved in so many different disciplines our guys never really mastered anything as they needed to be a 'jack of all trades'. Visualization’s staff are more specialist, they are all really well drilled and focussed on what they do, which leaves Homeplay staff free to focus on what we’re best at - system design and documentation, project management and system programming. Outsourcing also allows us to deal better with the bottlenecks and quiet periods that our industry throws up - if two projects both drop at the same time we can deal with it better. Conversely, if we’ve not got any installation work on for a few days then I’m not paying people to update their Facebook and drink tea.

How did Homeplay discover Visualization?

It wasn’t easy to be honest. I searched you out on Google. I don’t know what search terms I was using at the time, but I looked over a period of weeks and it was a hallelujah moment when I did eventually find you.

What factors contributed in your decision to use Visualization? 
We started with rack-build and found that it worked brilliantly, so we decided to use Visualization for all of our on-site installation work too. Nick, Gavin and the rest of the team are a pleasure to deal with and always do everything they can to help.

What were the positive points of using Visualization and why would you recommend them moving forward? 
For me it’s all about quality of work, I want our clients to have the best possible experience and using Visualization helps us to deliver that for them. And not having to deal with installers being ill, late, losing tools, breaking iPhones,
breaking up with girlfriends, falling out with other installers, crashing vans, etc., etc., etc., has probably added another 10 years to my life expectancy.

To find out how partnering with Visualization can enhance your projects and benefit your business, please get in touch via or pick up the phone to speak to a member of staff on 01628 673702.