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Undervaluing Your Rack Build?

July 15, 2013

We’ve heard endless reasons for not planning and budgeting in the costs and time associated to incorporate a well wired and serviceable rack into a project:

  • It’s only a small rack.
  • The client hasn’t got the budget.
  • Kit can sit in the Credenza.
  • The installers can build it on site.
  • The project doesn’t have the timescale.

I’m sure some if not all ring a bell! But is this really the case?

Why should a small rack not have a proportionate amount of time and care taken that would be given to a larger rack? While your client believes they do not have the costs associated with rack build in their budget, would they feel an additional spend at a later date for servicing and maintenance reasonable?

Is the option of sitting kit on shelves practical? Can it be easily wired and serviced from the front of the credenza?

Do the installers have the time, environment and attention to detail to build the rack on site along with completing the rest of the installation?

If the rack build was planned, built and tested in a dedicated work shop with cable and components readily available; before being delivered to site ready for integration. Wouldn’t it be quicker?

At Visualization we pride ourselves on what we do and think of the rack as the heart of a system. After all it provides the integration of Control, Video and Audio matrixing and Amplification. Without this major element running smoothly and effectively the installation would be fundamentally floored wouldn’t you say

A large Consultant led project would insist on consistency and standards of build along with witness testing of the racks. These reasons should be no different for small projects or projects completed directly for the client.

It is our job as integrators to bring the added value to our clients through education and guidance. Specifying solutions to not only what is in plain view but also to offer the insight of our experience for their consideration.

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