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Business transition Q&A - #1 “You call yourself a technical solutions distributor, what does this mean?”

February 10, 2021

The burning question... we've had many inquiries around the exciting announcement earlier this week. Here we have the first answer to help better understand what this means for the future of Visualization and its customers.

You call yourself a technical solutions distributor, what does this mean?
Visualization has always been known for providing services to support the channel.
We have taken our engineering pedigree and have combined it with select brands to provide both existing and new customers with a true technical partnership.
Something we feel the industry has long been missing.

To put it simply;
For integrators, this means one relationship where they can obtain pricing, place orders, and utilize expert engineering services whilst having full technical assistance at every stage.

For our brands, this means a unique partnership, full peace of mind around customer experience, superior technical support, brand loyalty and exposure with no expectation of additional costs at every turn.

Our flexible approach focuses on providing solutions hand in hand with the ultimate customer experience.