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Working with Visualization, feedback from a Residential partner

August 5, 2019

We caught up with General Manager Ashley Shorey-Mills to understand how Hughes Smart formed a partnership with Visualization after completing the CEDIA rack building & wiring fundamentals course, taught by director Nick Pidgeon.

I first encountered Visualization through our rack building training, held by CEDIA.  The whole team of sales and installation guys found the training incredibly professional and extremely helpful.  At that stage, we were getting ourselves prepared for the future as we were not installing a huge numbers of racks. 

Over the course of the following couple years, we started seeing more and more of a need for racks, but existing suppliers were not able to offer a consistent service, or at least not a service where everything could be sourced from one supplier.  I was then contacted by one of the sales teams at Visualization and was invited to the offices to see what they have to offer.  From the moment I arrived it was a great environment… obviously very good at what they do, organised and structured but relaxed and friendly… just what I personally would like to find.

After a brief tour and conversation with some of the team, it was obvious that this was a company we could comfortably use in the future.  The helpful nature, twinned with undoubted knowledge meant I know we could rely on them.

In the subsequent years/months since starting using them, we have had numerous occasions where we have needed advice or support/guidance, and the team have always been on hand to help us out.  Delivery has been prompt when needed, and the paperwork side of things has been easy to manage, which is vital to ensure focus can be on what makes money, as opposed to the back of office headaches.

As we grow, and have greater and greater needs for rack build solutions, we feel confident that Visualization will continue to be able to support us and our ever developing needs, so qwe still feel very assured that we made the correct decision in using them