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Delivering innovative and effective projection solutions


With ultra-short throw and a wide lens-shift range, Fujifilms revolutionary compact, large-screen projectors offer more ways to create a sense of space.


Projector FP-Z5000

- Projection can be made in various directions just by rotating the lens.

- The highest level*1 of lens shift range in ultra-short throw projector market

- The projector can be placed vertically or horizontally. After use, the lens can be retracted and the unit is compact.


Download the FP-Z5000 product specification sheet here


Projector FP-Z8000/FP-Z6000

- High Resolution, High Quality

- Large Screen, Ultra-Short Throw

- Wide Lens-Shift Range

- Compact Design with a built-in lens


Download the FP-Z6000 product specification sheet here

Download the FP-Z8000 product specification sheet here


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