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Get close, close, even closer with Christie® Digital projection


When it comes to purchasing a projector, there are a wide range of options to consider, from display technology to illumination type as well as performance features.

Deciding on the “best choice” doesn’t mean you need the brightest and most expensive. It means knowing the content you want to show, the environment you need to place it in and understanding the feature benefits to determine the best choice for your application - this is where Visualization will provide you with the support to make informed decisions.


From the smallest meeting rooms to the biggest screens, there’s a Christie® Digital projector that’s right for your application and budget. The line-up of of 1DLP® and 3DLP® projectors come in a range of resolutions with lamp or laser-based illumination, and deliver exceptional image quality, brightness, versatility, and ease-of-use.

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Brilliant high-performance LCD displays


Work with us to transform your spaces and display brilliant visuals with Christie Digital's professional LCD panels.


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Innovate, illuminate and inspire exceptional experiences...


The Christie® Digital lineup of indoor LED tiles provides unmatched choice, versatility and flexibility when it comes to specifying high-performance video walls.

From premium options for critical viewing and Active 3D applications to more budget-friendly solutions for high-impact installations, Christie Digital LED video walls are perfect for engaging clients and customers, sharing information and entertaining in unique and innovative ways within the corporate environment.


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