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We're not perfect but we'd like to be...

September 22, 2016

We require an in-house quality assurance/commissioning manager to join the Visualization team.

Why? Well, we are putting our hands up and admitting we’re not perfect. Mistakes have and will be made by our team, we’re only human after all. Visualization see mistakes as a way of being presented with the perfect opportunity to learn, grow and improve.

By hiring a permanent and dedicated team member to give our racks a thorough check prior to leaving the workshop this will minimise faults and correct errors before it is too late. Through doing this we also have the opportunity to highlight issues to the team and go back over training to ensure knowledge is gained to avoid future errors.

We are responsible for building flawless systems and learning from the experiences the team face every day will allow us to do it better next time.

If you have a meticulous eye and are interested in applied for our role of in-house quality assurance/commissioning manager, please get in touch via or give us a call on 01628 673702. We look forward to hearing from you.