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Question #3 "Following the transition, what technologies do you support?"

February 17, 2021

Naturally, we have been asked various questions around the exciting announcement that Visualization is transitioning into a technical solutions distributor

Here is further insight into what this means for the future of Visualization and its customers.

Question #3...
“What technologies do you support following the transition?”
With a proud heritage, we have built our brand around providing engineering services and are fortunate to be considered industry experts in audio visual rack build. This has been achieved with a focus on customer service, quality workmanship and a strive to add value to our customers and the projects we assist in delivering on their behalf.
Today as the business has evolved, you’ll find us taking the same approach with both solutions and products including media servers, processing, LED and projection technologies.
With our in-house technical support from design, physical installation and beyond we remove boundaries of what can be delivered with one single relationship.